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Lexus NX 300 Shocks at Lexus of Towson near Towson 21204

Don’t let your vehicle’s control and stability get compromised. Learn more about our Lexus NX 300 shocks at Lexus of Towson near Towson 21204. Here at Lexus of Towson, we want to help you make sure that your vehicle is in great condition and runs like new.

Shocks are a hydraulic device that mitigate, dissipate, or dampen the effect of rough roads on your vehicle. In other words, they absorb every little bump, fracture, or divot on the asphalt so that you don’t feel it as much as you would by direct impact. They also work to keep your Lexus NX 300 level, so that it doesn’t go bouncing around with the unevenness of the streets or highways. Most shocks use gas and oil, while some others will contain air. They all work like a piston and, upon impact, the energy is turned into heat and slows the retraction of the piston, as well as its subsequent decompression.

Not having your shocks checked periodically or replaced when they should can cause major safety issues. Your shocks should more or less be replaced when your car reaches 50,000 miles and then subsequently checked every 12,000 miles to keep monitoring signs of wear. Obviously, this general rule doesn’t factor in the vehicle style, the driver’s driving habits, the type of roads it usually treads, or the quality of the shocks, so you may need to have them looked at more often depending on your driving style and condition. Here at Lexus of Towson near Towson 21204, we always make sure to give you proper and professional service as well as procure sturdy replacement shocks for your Lexus NX 300.

So, what can be the consequences of neglecting your shocks? Well, for one, shocks are responsible for keeping your tires grounded at all times, making sure that they wear as evenly as possible, and also giving you better handling and cornering. If your shocks are worn out, not only will your tires start lifting from the ground at uneven road intervals, but it’ll also hinder your braking response and your Lexus NX 300’s handling stability, making you more accident prone. Having worn out shocks can add up as much as 20-percent to your stopping distance, and you may not be able to bring your vehicle to an immediate halt in emergency braking situations.

Keep yourself and your passengers safe by scheduling an appointment for your Lexus NX 300 shocks at Lexus of Towson near Towson 21204.

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