Coolant Fluid Exchange Service

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Lexus Coolant Fluid Exchange in Townson, MD

We operate a certified Lexus service department at Lexus of Towson ready to provide all Lexus models with internal combustion engines their coolant fluid exchange service. For post-2003 Lexus models, your extended life coolant fluid needs to be exchanged at 100,000 miles and every 50,000 miles after the first. Our service boasts a certified Lexus Master technician that knows your model and its cooling system professionally and we will only install the highest quality Lexus coolant fluid/antifreeze. Beyond the service factors guaranteeing high-quality coolant fluid exchanges, we offer regular opportunities for cost savings with service specials. When you need the highest quality coolant fluid exchange with opportunities for enhanced convenience and value, we invite you to Lexus of Towson for your vehicle’s next coolant fluid exchange service.






The Engine Cooling System & Coolant Fluid 101

Most Lexus models come equipped with an internal combustion engine requiring an engine cooling system. The engine cooling system has one essential role: remove excessive heat from the engine as it generates power through controlling thousands of explosions each minute of operation. Engine cooling relies on several components working together but the coolant fluid is like the lifeblood of the system as it circulates constantly absorbing heat. Coolant fluid requires an exchange service at the recommended miles because it will eventually get contamination or will leak from a worn component. If you drive a post-2003 Lexus model, it has extended life coolant that needs to be exchanged every 100,000 miles and every 50,000 miles thereafter.


What Are the Warning Signs of an Engine Cooling Problem?

Internal combustion engines generate power efficiently, quietly, and effectively when operating at a specified temperature. When the coolant fluid gets contaminated or leaks, the engine is at risk of overheating with these common warning signs that your vehicle has developed a malfunction with the engine cooling system:

  • Puddle of coolant found under the vehicle
  • Dashboard warning light for engine overheating or coolant service due
  • Rust or discoloration on the radiator
  • Smelling a sweet odor in the cabin
  • Coolant smells putrid (should smell sweet)


    Coolant Fluid Exchange Service

    Our service at Lexus of Towson always boasts a certified technician performing service in a clean state-of-the-art facility that will only install genuine Lexus coolant fluid/antifreeze. We will remove the old coolant at the radiator, inspect the water pump, hoses, and radiator before installing fresh Lexus coolant fluid according to factory specifications. Contact us today, or use our online scheduler to make an appointment.





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